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The MS-124 ($99.99), MS-124T ($119.99), and
MS-124W ($159.99) combines powerful interrupt capabilities with innovative software to eliminate the necessity for smart interfaces. This translates into low cost and super-simple one connector installation or removal.


MS-124 1x4 Serial MIDI Interface

(Drivers only for Win3.11 & Win95)

The MS-124 provides the single most effective solution for musicians and users requiring portability, and the proven solution for multiport MIDI applications with laptops and notebooks. Desktop users can add MIDI ports for more MIDI POWER. One MIDI in and four MIDI outs provide optimum utility at a reasonable cost.

The simplicity of connecting the MS-124 to any IBM compatible makes it the preferred interface for most users. For the desktop PC, it frees up internal slots for adding other peripherals, and it is the first and foremost interface for notebooks and laptops. No installation, just plug and play. Totally downward compatible with all MS-101/103 software. Windows 3.1/95 MME Driver included.

Driver Software Download

Windows 95 & 3.1 Driver for MS-124:  Windows 95 operation requires the ROM upgrade for MS-124 with serial number below 53480000.

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  25-pin to 9-pin adapter




  9-pin, 6-ft serial cable