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Parallel MIDI Interfaces
(Drivers only for Win3.11 & Win95)

The MP-128 ($79.99 to $179.99) uses the printer (parallel or LPT) port of a computer so it is ideal for PC-to-MIDI interfaces, combining universal compatibility, portability, and efficiency.

Available with 16 or 32 input channels and 32, 64, or 128 output channels.

MP-128 Parallel MIDI Interfaces

The printer (parallel or LPT) port is ideal for PC-to-MIDI interfaces, combining universal compatibility, portability, and efficiency. Virtually all PCs have one or more printer ports so your MIDI can work with any system - notebook, desktop, tower, whatever. All interface components are external and self-contained, so you can switch systems in seconds. The printer port has high data capacity, allowing concurrent (non-multiplexed) operation of all MIDI ports.

Unique Hardware Upgrades

Upgrades aren't just for software anymore! MIDIator uses a unique product design that allows lower models (of the same series) to be factory upgraded at very reasonable cost. This protects your hardware investment from becoming obsolete as your MIDI requirements grow. Factory upgrading allows us to test all units, assuring full performance specifications.

Windows MME Driver

All MP-128 models include a multi-client windows driver. Any or all ports may be opened and used by more than one Windows application program at the same time. Each port appears as a separate device to Windows applications. All modes are supported in Windows 3.x/95.

The driver has a Console Window that provides for SMPTE settings, controls tape striping and duping, and allows safe printer operation if used with an A/B switch box. A control applet is included that allows fast console entry for Windows 95 users.

Printer Operation

Using an MP-128 along with a parallel printer is simple. Systems with only one printer port can use an inexpensive A/B switch box to select between MP-128 and printer. The MP-128 MME driver console Window has a Printer Switch feature, allowing glitch free printer access. A/B switches are available at computer stores or from Key.

Desktop systems with multiple printer ports require no switching, allowing simultaneous operation of both MP-128 and printer. A second printer port may be added for about the same cost as an A/B switch.


The MIDIator MP-128 parallel interface series combines high performance with easy portability, an outstanding value for all IBM compatibles, and unmatched performance for all Windows Multimedia Applications.

Choose the model that matches your needs and budget - then upgrade later as your MIDI studio grows.

MP-128 Series - All Models

Advanced multiprocessor design for optimum Windows efficiency and independent, non-multiplexed MIDI outputs for high throughput. Independently buffered MIDI input(s) assure data integrity. Includes power supply (US and Canada only) and parallel data cable.

MP-128EP Economy Plus

  • MIDI In - One buffered port (16 channels)
  • MIDI Out - Two independent ports (32 channels)
  • Upgradeable to MP-128NP or MP-128SP

MP-128NP Notebook Plus

  • MIDI In - Two independently buffered ports (32 channels)
  • MIDI OUT - Four independent ports (64 channels)
  • Upgradeable to MP-128SP

MP-128SP Studio Plus

  • MIDI In - Two buffered ports (32 channels)
  • MIDI OUT - Eight independent ports (128 channels)
  • Rock Solid SMPTE:
  • Cruises over dropouts with ease for glitch-free sync
  • Stripes, dupes, and syncs all rates and formats
  • Filtered, adjustable output for maximum recording margin
  • Software adjustable sync response controls
  • LED activity indicators for quick setup


Driver Software Download

Click here for download page Windows 95 & 3.1 Driver for the MP-128 models.








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